Arena Animation
VFX Prime

VFX Prime is a detailed course provided by Arena Animation Sonipat, focusing on the Visual effects for television productions and advertising and making you job-ready. It provides a thorough grounding in 3D animation, motion graphics, dynamics, and simulation, and VFX techniques like roto-paint, rotoscoping, camera compositing, and tracking. On finishing the VRX Prime course, you will master and specialize as a Visual Effect professional and make a demo reel according to industry standards.

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Highlights of Arena Animation
VFX Course


Introduction to the Basics of VFX:

Arena Animation helps you with the basics of VFX (Visual Effects) and its applications in different industries.


Digital Design:

You can develop your skills in digital design software generally utilized in the VFX industry, like Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


Industry-Relevant Projects:

Get engaged in practical, hands-on projects and apply the concepts you have learned in real-world situations.


3D Animation:

Explore the key principles of 3D animation and work with software such as Blender or Autodesk Maya.



Knowing the art of integrating visual elements from various sources into a streamlined, integrated final product.